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The Seerah Club is a free club designated for both boys and girls ages 6-11 years.  Starting May 8th, this club meets every other Wednesday from 5:00-6:30 PM.





















This club will present members with different events from the life of the prophet (PBUH). This will be done through stories from the seerah, educational videos, anasheed, games, art projects and short plays.


The club will cover following topics:


1. The birth of the prophet (PBUH).


2. The family of the prophet (PBUH).


3. The physical and moral characteristics of the prophet (PBUH).


4. The prophet’s guidance in dealing with parents.


5. Alsayedah Khadijah (may Allah be pleased with her).


6. Receiving the message.


7. Lessons from al-Hijrah.


8. Isra’a and Mi’raj.


9. Salat.


Goals of the club are:


1. Educate the kids about the prophet (PBUH) and his life and to install the love    for him and his family in their hearts, inshaAllah.

2. Improve the kids’ attitude and manners by embracing his teachings and      

   following his example.

3. Help our kids become proud Muslims.

4. Empower the kids to become good messengers of Islam.


The Al-Madinah Seerah Club 


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