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Al-Madinah Testimonials

"It is wonderful seeing the community coming together. Youth and future generations having a place where they can come together. They can feel comfortable and be around other Muslims. They can have a safe environment. They can learn about their religion. At the same time, have some fun. That's what the community center here is doing." ~Farhan AbdulAzeez

"I think this is a major contribution to the community. Many families I know, including myself, we feel there is a lot more valuable and high quality activities in the community for all members of the family that this community center is providing. I know myself and all of my family members highly value it. May Allah bless and grow this activity." ~Ovamir Anjum

"Since coming to the center, we have had a great time. We have been attending so many activities, including activities for the kids, entertaining activities, sports, lectures, religious events. Everything has been well planned. Amazing. The effects of the events are long lasting. We are very pleased to be in this community having such a wonderful place to come to every weekend. Come be a part of this amazing endeavor." ~Jumana Hinti

"We just wrapped up an amazing event at Al-Madinah Community Center and it was amazing. MashaAllah it was completely run by the youth. The idea of this center is to have a center for the youth, run by the youth. It is a beautiful model and I encourage you all to support it with whaterver you can." ~Ammar Al-Shukry 

"I am truly very humbled to be a part of the Al-Madinah Community Center. It was such a pleasure to work with the brothers and sisters. By Allah, and Allah is my witness, this is one of the most beautiful centers I have ever visited in the entire US. I ask Allah (SWT) to make me and make you as a means of support for this center, and to make it as a sadaqa jariyah where we will benifit from this in dunya and in akhira." ~Majed Mahmoud

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